Benice Derma Solution

benice2BENICE DERMA SOLUTION ALGINATE PEEL OFF MASKS are designed to address the most common skin concerns in a effective natural way. Natural Collagen derived from Algae, combined with powerful botanicals, rich nutrients and micronized active ingredients, give the masks its unique easy PEEL-OFF characteristics. HYDRATING INNOVATION: GAMMA PGA GAMMA PGA is a remarkably potent hydrating compound that represents a major breakthrough in the science of skincare. It’s many times more hydrating than Hyaluronic acid and far more elastic than collagen. Gamma PGA is commonly recognized for its specific skin care benefits. It’s 100% natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. Originally discovered in marine jellyfish, Gamma PGA, also known as Gamma Poly Glutamic Acid, is derived from NATTO, a powerful Japanese soybean used in secret beauty recipes,
dating back more than 1000 years.

BENEFITS OF GAMMA PGA MASKS Locks in Moisture For Softer & Supple Skin
Diminishes the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles Promotes Brighter Skin Hypoallergenic & 100% Natural Preservatives Formulated without Animal Ingredients
or Animal Testing.

Powerful Botanicals
Active Sea Nutrients
Pure Mediterranean Sea nutrients, marine Gamma PGA and sunkissed natural botanical ingredients like wild oats, dill, green tea, lavender and orange complete our infused Alginate formulas. The delicate balance between complex nutrients and nature’s most powerful botanical ingredients will help you nourish and drench even the most damaged skin.